Software development processes are used in organizations seeking a quality standard when designing their applications. Based on an understanding of what is actually needed to produce quality software, within stipulated deadlines and with a low rate of bugs, DBServer offers its clients services that encompass the entire software development life cycle. To that end, the company has a software engineering process group (SEPG) focused on quality assurance and continuous improvement.

Our process makes a difference

Pragma©, the process adopted in projects executed by DBServer, supports organizations in delivering quality products within stipulated deadlines and budgets, catering to the real needs of clients. Certified as level 2 CMMI (Capabilty Maturity Model) and level E MPSBR, the process applies best practices adopted in the development of solutions.

Agile Line

Our agile line aims to ensure customer satisfaction by rapidly delivering functional software in a complex and challenging environment. This line adopts good engineering practices and agile management that is product and people-oriented.

Factory Line

Characterized by projects where DBServer receives closed scope demands from the client. In this model, clients provide detailed specifications of their requirements and DBServer produces the technical design, programming and testing. To that end, the company uses support tools and best practices based on project management body of knowledge (PMBOK) and applying adequate planning, standardized processes and management of quality, human resources, communications and risks.

Quality Assurance

Pragma© provides for the execution of Process Quality Audits in its projects. A professional is assigned to each project to analyze the artifacts produced. This procedure ensures that internal projects adhere to Pragma© and allows the identification of improvement points.

Continuous Improvement

The Software Engineering Process Group is responsible not only for executing quality assurance activities, but identifying, planning and implementing process improvements. Process improvements are identified both by the company’s own personnel and through improvement initiatives, such as adopting a process based on SCRUM and CMMI methodologies as well as best practices from the PMBOK guide.