Product separation solution using PDAs

The Cia. Zaffari Distribution Center is using a solution developed by DBServer, based on SOA and Webservices, which provides greater qualification and agility in the product separation process using PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants).

In order to separate products that arrive at the Cia. Zaffari’s Distribution Center, separators used computer-issued lists, making the process prone to errors in product amounts and exchanges. In order to improve the process by making it faster and more efficient, the Distribution Center opted for an online mobile solution in the form of easy-to-use PDAs which separating staff could use on a daily basis.

PDAs are small computers with high computing capacity that allow for scheduling the management of basic office information, in addition to connecting with a personal computer and wireless data networks.

Integrating this new technology into the daily routine of Zaffari employees begins by reading the barcode on their individual name badges at the start of the working day. With the PDA enabled for use, staff can then check their approved separation lists (a list detailing the products to be separated and sent to stores) and define the pallets to be used (containers on which products are transported), in addition to checking amounts.

The PDAs can also be used as telephones for communication between separators and supervisors of the sector to solve any problems that might arise. The range of functions offered by the solution benefit employees and clients alike

In the initial phase 30 PDAs were used, enabling faster product distribution and replacement on shelves reducing, the risk of customers not finding what they are looking for. The PDA system was designed to be used in a wireless setting integrated with the back office system (administration module containing product information), reflecting Zaffari’s ongoing improvement of and investment in its technology platforms.

The solutions developed by DBServer were based on Microsoft PDA technology and SOA and JAVA architecture in the corporate back office, enabling communication the mobile PDA devices and the back office system via WebServices.

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