Santa Catarina State Department of Finance

CRM with a Knowledge-Based module

Regional and State Finance Departments typically face challenges in the quality of services they provide to citizens and taxpayers, realizing there is a need for unified service regardless of who provides it or what channel is used.

In order to improve the qualification of service management, Departments of Finance adopt tools that assist in daily demands, such as CRM – Customer Relationship Management – translated in this context as “Citizen Relationship Management”.

The Santa Catarina State Department of Finance (SEF-SC) is a forerunner in innovating the service model by implementing a Customer Service Center, which unifies services, providing standardized, structured, assertive and quick answers to ensure greater productivity in communicating with taxpayers.

Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Sharepoint, a fully integrated CRM system was generated in order to easily create and maintain a clear vision of the service information available, including everything from initial contact to the solution. All this is achieved through a collaborative platform aimed at intranet applications, with shared documents. The system was personalized to cater to the specific needs of the SEF-SC and consolidate a point of contact with citizens, where all requests are registered.

A single channel was established for telephone calls, emails and chat messages, enabling the creation of an interactive process that benefits users and enhances the organization’s overall performance. Technology Used: Microsoft Dynamics CRM; Sharepoint.

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