Randon Consortia

Consortium business integrated management system

Randon Consortia use an integrated management system developed by the teams at DBServer and Randon Consortia in Caxias do Sul. The Gênesis system integrates the operational and financial functions of Consortia Groups as well as the commercial and managerial tools of Randon Consortia, one of Brazil’s largest administrators.

The solution is integrated with the Website for access by consortia members and with the extranet for access by strategic partners, guaranteeing agility and information security for the organization. With the implementation of the Gênesis system, Randon Consortia expanded the services offered in its area of expertise, administering consortia for road equipment, agricultural machinery and equipment, real estate, cars, trucks and buses with greater agility and productivity.

Developed by 60 professionals from DBServer and Randon, Gênesis is one of the broadest and most comprehensive Consortia Management systems. Its operation is intuitive and occurs through a Web platform integrated with the company’s key systems, resulting in functions such as the generation of group draw graphics and complete monitoring of business consortia stages, including everything from when consortia members join a consortium quota to completion of the quota, among other characteristics.

The creation of the Gênesis system included a service-oriented DBServer framework (SOA), using Microsoft. Net, multilayer architecture and Oracle 10g database. This resulted in unique characteristics, such as easy-to-operate, friendly interfaces with an abundance of information, covering a single dimension in consortia management and showing high-level performance, in addition to involving managerial information ranging from operational to strategic levels of the organization.

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