Consulting on Software Factory methodology and J2EE platform

DBServer was hired by Procempa through an online bidding process to help implement its Software Factory. The two companies also developed an architectural specification and implementation for J2EE platform applications.

. Web and EJB containers were used to construct corporate software applications in a distributed environment. This consultancy in implementing a Software Factory was aimed at validating Procempas current development methodology, implementing the necessary improvements in addition to helping implement the tools that make it possible to manage the development cycle of Procempa applications.

. Consulting on J2EE development involved researching, guiding and implementing development tools to support the development of specific architecture systems. DBServer also provided guidance on the J2EE platform and passed on technical knowledge.

These consultancy services also included implementing a technique to establish metrics and productivity indicators in order to measure the efforts, deadlines and costs of projects.

DBServer provided support for the methodology team to consolidate Procempa’s Application Development Method along with the group of developers. DBServer provided a framework containing a set of base classes that implement productivity functions and mechanisms to construct a presentation layer, using an MVC (Model View Controller), a business logic layer, by applying Command c Abstract Factory design patterns, and a persistence layer, by implementing object-relational mapping to enable the use of JDO (Java Data Objects) specification.

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