DBServer helps Paquetá adjust its invoice issuing software

Based on new regulations of the Fiscal Application – Invoice Issuing Program (PAF-ECF), the Paquetá Calçados shoe company had to adjust its point-of-sale (POS) software and DBServer was chosen to test the modifications, a fact that contributed to streamlining Paquetá’s approval process.

With the goal of making tax evasion even more difficult, tax authorities began to contact software developers such as ASSESPRO and AFRAC with a view to improving control of POS programs. Two national documents were compiled containing information analyzing the PAF-ECF that all companies have to follow.

The new regulations contain 32 requirements that companies must comply with in order to be approved, directly involving the programs developed for commercial applications, creating a standard for sending data to tax authorities.

In order to comply with these requirements, Paquetá adjusted its POS software and hired DBServer to participating in testing phases. This process ensured the system met the regulation requirements in sufficient time for approval by the relevant authorities. An official report can only be obtained when all the requirements of the “Script for Functional Analysis of the Fiscal Application program (PAF ECF)” have been met.

DBServer’s job was to identify possible errors in the new system for correction and establish whether all the standards were in line with the new regulations.

According to Alexandre Marmitt, the IT Manager at Paquetá Calçados, DBServer’s contribution reduced the company’s risks of not being approved within the stipulated deadline, remarking “DBServer’s participation in the project, with its experience and testing methodology, was vital in achieving our goal within the stipulated deadline”.

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