Supporting international research and development projects

DBServer began providing services to Hewlett-Packard in 1997, participating in an automated banking process. Over time, the company also began attending HP’s Research and Development (R&D) group.

DBServer’s staff contributed to different phases of global projects, from research to testing, integrated with other R&D laboratories belonging to HP’s units on different continents. DBServer’s team participated in every part of it, from managing R&D projects to defining tests, including research, analysis, design, encoding and testing software components.

These projects generated software products and solutions for new HP products with Imaging and Printing equipment, Servers, Laptops and PDAs. DBServer personnel also took part in technology research projects in a range of different areas. The imaging and printing software developed in Brazil, especially internationally launched software and firmware for laser printers, were certified using a well-defined Software Quality Assurance process including all the requirements and priorities agreed with the client. Defining these priorities required considering the time-to-market restrictions of the final products.

An automated integrated communications mechanism was established between the teams, both here and abroad, allowing instant access to the information on each project and synchronizing all the artifacts produced during its execution. The quality assurance levels and guaranteed robustness of the software produced also contributed to strengthening Brazil’s reputation as an alternative for HP’s global R&D activities. DBServer is proud to have participated in this successful initiative.

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