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Bourbon Shopping Mall needed an information channel with its retailers that combines versatility, speed, security and viable maintenance costs. It also had to encompass all the elements of relationships with these retailers, including everything from the procedures involved on implementing a store to financial and marketing aspects.

Bourbon Shopping and DBServer, which is specialized in corporate software design, developed the Portal do Lojista (Retailer’s Portal), a web-based solution integrated with the company’s system. This secure, flexible and functional solution stores important information that retailers need in their daily operations in an organized and standardized manner. The information can be accessed by any computer connected to the internet using a password.

The portal segmented into three main areas:

- Technical Committee: marks the beginning of the retailer’s relationship with Bourbon. Here they have access to different floor plans, as well as a series of other relevant services for architectural and engineering teams.

- Financial: In this area, retailers can exchange financial information with the shopping mall confidentially and with complete security.

- Marketing: The portal keeps retailers informed about marketing initiatives, events and other activities in a segmented fashion. In other words, retailers at the Bourbon Ipiranga mall access certain information that might be different from that seen by retailers from other units.

Retailers can also check the events schedule, movie showtimes for the entire chain, advertising campaigns to be launched and interviews with specialists from different areas conducted exclusively for the portal.

As a result of the positive impact and acceptance received, the services offered are expected to be expanded in the coming months. With this goal in mind, Bourbon Shopping mall signed a monthly contract with DBServer.

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