São Boaventura Literary Association

System Development

DBServer was responsible for developing DBServer was responsible for developing DOXA, an integrated system that caters to commercial, financial, accounting, planning and operational needs of companies: The São Boaventura Literary Association, Association of Capuchin Franciscans of Rio Grande do Sul State, Rede Mais Nova FM, RedeSul de Rádios and other affiliated companies. Of the modules comprising ERP DOXA, the most prominent are the Commercial subsystem, Media Center and Player, described below:

A system that manages the commercial activities of radio stations, including the functions of registering and monitoring contracts, scripts, campaigns, invoicing, commission regulations. Natively integrated with the Financial and Accounting modules.

A system for transferring and managing media among fourteen radio stations. Responsible for transferring audio files between different workstations at the radio broadcasters.

A player used in studios of the group’s radio stations. Since it is a separate program, it is natively integrated with the Media Center, in addition to the Commercial module.

The system was designed to be remotely managed and executed, reducing the need for resources to ensure the optimum operation of the fourteen radio stations that form part of the project. All the functions were implemented to meet client’s business model in order to optimize and simplify management processes.

Technology Used:

· Microsoft Framework 4.0 / C#
· Microsoft ASP .Net 4.0
· Windows Comunication Foundation
· Windows Forms
· Microsoft SQL Server
· Microsoft Team Foundation Server
· Microsoft Visual Studio Team System

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