Management software for SKY TV

DBServer designed a system for SKY TV to manage Beneflex – a human resources program that allows the company’s employees to select benefits according to their needs. They receive a score, attributed in accordance with their position, which can be converted into selected benefits and changed annually during the review period or in the event of a promotion.

. Development of the software began with analysis and monitoring of the previous Beneflex process. Prior to DBServer’s work the program was managed by Excel.

. Paulo Silva, the project supervisor, is adamant that the result is a reduced workload for the Human Resources department. Imagine trying to meet the demands of over 1000 employees using only an electronic spreadsheet!”

Designed using ASP, VB and Oracle database technology, the software has a friendly interface and can be accessed online by any SKY employee using a login and password. The system is also integrated with an outsourced company responsible for SKY’s payroll.

Beneflex offers mandatory benefits such as life insurance and medical care. Employees can also choose between a fuel or parking allowance and annual vaccination, among others. Some of the benefits extends to spouses, children up to the age of 24 years and other financial dependents.

SKY can also loan points for the inclusion of dependents in health insurance outside the selection period or when employees do not have points available at the time of inclusion.

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